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Are you thinking of doing your own limited company’s bookkeeping?

limited company bookkeeping

We hate to break it to you, but you’re not the best bookkeeper for your business. You are a business owner with a speciality in your industry. Here at DNA Accountants, we’ll always encourage business owners to hand over their bookkeeping to us. Why do we suggest this? Because it’s the fastest way to save

Why we only work with limited companies

Why we only work with limited companies

Here at DNA, we don’t believe in spreading ourselves thin. We focus on what we’re good at, and on doing it really well, because our clients deserve thorough, dependable support. It’s for this reason we now only work with limited companies (they’re kind of our thing). With over 20 years experience in limited companies, we

Why should I choose a small accounting firm?

small accounting firm

We have been around long enough to have taken on clients who have previously been using large firms, predominantly for the prestige. Big isn’t always best Here are some of their comments about these larger firms: We felt like we were small fish in large pond Our day to day work had been delegated to

Limited company director’s responsibilities: What you need to know…

When you decide to form a limited company you are creating a separate legal entity with its own legal framework and accountabilities. Any profits or losses incurred belong to the company. So, when you’re managing the company you need to treat it as a separate entity. Even if you’re the sole director and sole shareholder,

Get those invoices paid quicker!


The problems faced by small business due to late payments have been very much in the news lately, as a business owner you are very aware of the importance of getting paid on time and that payment delays can seriously disrupt cash flow. When searching for ways to speed up payment, keep in mind that