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Tax-Saving Tips for Small Business Owners

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the week. You’re busy with running the day-to-day operations, managing team members and, well, life. It means you’re left with little time to stop and consider how you can save on tax. Yes, tax can be an absolute minefield if you’re unprepared,

What is MTD and how will it affect my business?

Making Tax Digital

What is MTD we hear you ask? No, it’s not “Month to Date”, “Metric Tonnes per Day” or even “Marine Technology Directorate”! We’re talking about Making Tax Digital.  The scheme was originally announced by HMRC in 2017, but it’s been years in the making (a bit like Avatar 2!).   What’s changing? MTD will require

Small business survival guide

small business survival guide

Starting a new business is rewarding, but it certainly comes with its challenges…to put it lightly! You’ve often got to contend with circumstances completely out of your control, all while spinning what feels like a hundred plates to manage the day-to-day. Although setting up a new business takes major legwork, there are key processes you

How we can help you to overcome the fear of switching accountants

You’ve made the decision to switching accountants but are filled with a number of worries about the whole process. Have a read of this article, allow us to (virtually) hold your hand and work through some of your worries. Believe me, after 20 plus years, we’ve seen it, done it and navigated hundreds of new

Why we only work with limited companies

Why we only work with limited companies

Here at DNA, we don’t believe in spreading ourselves thin. We focus on what we’re good at, and on doing it really well, because our clients deserve thorough, dependable support. It’s for this reason we now only work with limited companies (they’re kind of our thing). With over 20 years experience in limited companies, we

Why should I choose a small accounting firm?

small accounting firm

We have been around long enough to have taken on clients who have previously been using large firms, predominantly for the prestige. Big isn’t always best Here are some of their comments about these larger firms: We felt like we were small fish in large pond Our day to day work had been delegated to

Why should my Company buy an Electric Car?

Electric car
Have you been thinking about changing your car recently and are wondering about buying an electric car to help the environment - sorry, reduce tax? This is a good thing. Yes, A GOOD THING. HMRC have made this a good thing by allowing companies to get full tax relief when they buy a brand new,

What can I claim if I’m working from home?

home office, DNA, accountants,
Making a claim for Working from Home Can I claim tax relief for my goldfish, Bubbles, who keeps me company when I’m working from home? We have been asked some odd questions over the years, especially when it comes to claiming expenses of having a home office. Making a claim to your business for working