Why we only work with Xero

Why we only work with Xero

Xero is the UK’s leading accounting software, and here at DNA we’re big fans. We discovered it ten years ago, and quickly found it was worlds above anything we’d used before! We started recommending it to our clients, and now pretty much everyone we work with is on it (and the handful who aren’t are in the process of converting).

So what is it about Xero that makes it drastically more streamlined than other accounting software?

The cloud helps avoid technical headaches

Xero is cloud-based, which means it updates automatically. The majority of pre-Xero software, like QuickBooks, was desktop-based so you’d have to manually download software updates. If a client was on a different version of the software to the one we were using, compatibility issues could cause hours of back-and-forth on otherwise simple tasks. With Xero there’s no need to install or update software (hooray!) because it’s always updated in the cloud. Plus, its two-factor authentication software gives an extra layer of added security. 


Real-time updates save everyone time and help cash flow

Xero lets you see figures in real-time – something just not possible with previous software. Up-to-date information means we’ll always know where your customers stand with payments, so we can chase them up for you based on figures we know are accurate and timely. Being able to see the numbers in real-time means you’ll always know how much is in your account – helping you make those important decisions. Your cash flow will thank you for it!


Xero’s intuitive tools make life easier

Xero saves both us and our clients a lot of time that was previously spent on tasks now handled automatically in the software. Manually collating data is a thing of the past, as it appears in Xero’s daily feeds with the information loaded up automatically. Although the data still needs to be reconciled, Xero’s smart capabilities let you set up various rules so transactions are automatically identified and sorted when they appear. This saves a tonne of time and effort.


Xero’s app and integration makes accounting easy

Xero’s mobile app gives our clients access to the software even if they’re away from the office. Wherever they may be, they can raise sales invoices on the app immediately when a job’s done, meaning customers can pay them quickly. Our clients’ cash flow benefits as more payments come in more regularly, helping move them towards their goals.

At DNA, we now use Xero Tax to produce statutory accounts and corporation tax returns for our clients. Having Xero as the focal hub means there’s no cross-platform juggling and all the data is integrated seamlessly – so the published figures in the statutory accounts always agree with Xero (basically, a technical way of saying we’re doing a happy dance for all the time it saves).

For both us and our clients, Xero has freed up a lot of time. Tasks which used to feel like chores now get taken care of automatically meaning we can spend more time supporting our clients, and our clients can spend more time doing what they love. 


We’re a Xero gold partner which benefits our clients

Because we only use Xero, we’re now a gold partner which means we get pricing discounts we can pass on to our clients. We also receive brilliant training from Xero, and there’s no need to learn multiple pieces of software – so our staff know it inside and out and share this knowledge with our clients. It improves how we operate no end, and makes sure we can truly help our clients in the most efficient way.

If you’re not using Xero and want to streamline your accounts to save time and money, we’ll give you the support you need to get started. Get in touch and we’ll help you become a Xero hero!