Why we only work with limited companies

Why we only work with limited companies

Here at DNA, we don’t believe in spreading ourselves thin. We focus on what we’re good at, and on doing it really well, because our clients deserve thorough, dependable support. It’s for this reason we now only work with limited companies (they’re kind of our thing).

With over 20 years experience in limited companies, we know how they work inside-out. We are experts in tailoring our support specifically to what they need to run successfully. By bringing our specialist experience to the table, we help our clients feel secure knowing they’re getting the very best financial advice.


Specialising means our clients receive greater value

When you’re looking for the best accountant for you, you don’t want to wade through hundreds of accountants figuring out if their services apply to you or a sole trader. All our services are limited-company-specific, so you know you’re getting a product tailored to your needs. For example, we offer payroll services for limited companies. As part of this we make sure directors end up with a full year’s state pension entitlement at the lowest possible rate of salary, one that’s fully relieved of corporation tax.

We’re able to offer this because we choose to specialise, instead of taking an everything-for-everyone approach. We choose quality of services over quantity, meaning greater value for our clients and greater attention to their needs.


We’ve got expertise in how limited companies work

We know how limited companies operate and how to set them up. From tax implications of director loan accounts to regulations around expense claiming, we’re well versed in the distinct rules a limited company has compared to those of a sole trader or partnership. We know these regulations like the back of our hand and we advise clients about them on a daily basis.


It’s our job to relieve the pressure of running a limited company

We know how stressful it can feel running a business. It’s our job to alleviate some of that. Our practice manager, Sharon, deals solely with the company secretarial side of things, so you won’t have to worry about tasks like filing confirmation statements. By placing all our focus on limited companies, our staff don’t spend time juggling advice between Ltd owners, sole traders and partners. It means we can support your business with laser focus.

Working with limited companies is what we do, and we’d love to see how we can support yours. Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can help ease the stress of running your limited company.